Los Angeles Local Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the #1 Los Angeles California scavenger hunt. We have scavenger hunts for all ages. Work your way through missions and compete for a place on our leaderboard. With our scavenger hunt you will find items, complete challenges, find some tasty food, and have tons of fun along the way. Heck, you may even learn a thing or two about your city. If you can complete enough scavenger hunt mission in the given time you might earn a spot on our leader board. What are you waiting for give our Los Angeles California scavenger hunt a try?

How does it work?
When you get your confirmation email for your Los Angeles California scavenger hunt, you and your team will report to the starting location at the time you have scheduled. Once there you will send a text message to your guide. Using our app you will then log into your scavenger hunt with the information your guide has provided. Once you are in you are on the clock. The more people you have the more you can divide an conquer. That’s right everyone on your team can have the app on their phone! Ready to play?

PLEASE NOTE: All Times listed are Eastern Time. You may use the time conversion tool below.

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Local 2 Hour Hunt

Play anywhere you choose, as there is no specific starting point.

Great for family outings

Fun for all

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Downtown Los Angeles 2 Hour Hunt

Enjoy some fun around the los angeles area as you complete missions, challenges and clues
Great for all ages!

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