What is the goal? Expand

The first goal is to have fun and then get as many points as you can to try and place first on the leader board.

What are the hours of operation? Expand

We run hunts from 10am until 5pm each day of the week for all time zones.

What happens if we need help? Expand

You will have a personal guide to help you on your hunt.

How long does it take? Expand

You can take all day to work on your hunt once it has started.  However each hunt has a time limit when it comes to earning points and getting on the leader board.Once your time has run out you may still play at your leisure.

Is pricing per person or per app? Expand

Pricing is per person.

Do I have to pay for Children Expand

Children 5 and under are free.

What is your refund policy? Expand

All sales are final, but if you are not happy please contact us and we will try to work out an option for you.  If your Tickets were purchased through another company you will need to contact them.